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As Managing Director of Frontier Television (NZ) Ltd, Graeme Sinclair continues to produce the popular TV series “Gone Fishin”, which is now in its 24th year on television.

Graeme has spent most of his formative years involved in outdoor pursuits both recreationally and professionally; fishing; hunting; as a white water rafting guide; diving instructor; and skiing to name just a few activities....

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As well as continuing to support sponsors of the show and others with speaking engagements, hosting fishing trips on charter vessels etc Graeme is also available as function MC, for product and sales promotion or store appearances.

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Coming up on Gone Fishin …

We have GONE FISHIN', currently working on the new series for THREE screening later in the year...

See our facebook page for new posts and updates, and look for the new OCEAN BOUNTY series screening in September.

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